Chris Ayres Photography

"When we rejoice in beautiful scenery, great art, and great music, it is but the flexing of instincts acquired in another place and another time."
— Neal A. Maxwell

Since I was a little girl, I love traveling with my family or sightseeing places on my own. Since I got my first camera, I did thousands of pictures. Some of them caught some professional eyes and got published in some newspapers and magazines around the world through the years.

After some time studying with excellent tutoring, matching my love for traveling and Nature, I can say that I trust my senses, my eyes, and I am glad to have the good support of a good camera that can make these scenes recorded.

I am also an author and a writer, and consider writing and photography both as the art of making moments eternal.

I love when I get an email from someone that has one of my chosen places pictured in their home, office or mural. Let me know how you feel about it, and I will tell you what I felt when I registered the miracle.

To contact me, please click on the buttons above and find me on the Social platforms. My page on Facebook is the easiest way to find me. I would love to hear from you! Thank you!